Becoming a Financial Partner

Adam's Road PartnerAdam's Road is a non-profit ministry that is completely supported by generous donations and love offerings from Christians around the world.* This ministry has been fortunate to have the financial support to be able to travel around the country giving free concerts, as well as giving away CDs and DVDs completely free of charge to anyone, anywhere in the world. We praise God for the support we receive from the Body of Christ and ask you to pray about becoming a financial partner of this ministry. All contributions are tax deductable. 

If you are interested in becoming a weekly, monthly, or annual financial partner of this ministry, please write us at for more info, or select the monthly amount you would like to donate below and click "Subscribe".

Adam's Road Monthly Donation Options

*None of the members of Adam's Road receive a ministry salary. ALL of the contributions given to the ministry go towards the purpose of preaching the Gospel to all the world, allowing us to travel, play concerts, and distribute Gospel material at no charge.