Pastoral Endorsements

Pastor William Reister -

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church (Jacksonville, Florida)

"We will long remember the wonderful program of Scriptural song and inspiring testimony which Adam’s Road presented at our church.  Everyone in the full sanctuary was thrilled to hear their powerful testimony to the saving grace of God in Jesus Christ. Many people were in tears as they witnessed their heartfelt and emotional testimony to Christ who delivered them from the false teachings and legalistic life in Mormonism.  As each of them shared their faith story, we felt like we were walking through the pages of the book of Acts. The words which they spoke and the beautiful music which they shared all gave evidence of the Holy Spirit’s presence and power. 

"We give all glory to God for the wonderful ways that he has worked in their lives to deliver them from darkness and to bring them into the Light of Christ.  As I listened to their music during the program and later to their newest CD,  “It’s So Simple”,  I was really moved by the songs that they have written.  First of all, they are well chosen Scriptures set to music which focus on Christ and his gift of salvation. The words also clearly show their concern for the lost, all those still trapped in Mormonism or other religions based on works. They give them excellent encouragement to trust in the Lord to provide for all their needs even as they commit their lives to Him.

"Let me conclude with these words from 1 Peter 4:10-12, 'As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace:  whoever speaks, as one who speaks oracles of God; whoever serves, as one who serves by the strength that God supplies—in order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ. To him belong glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.' Your Partner in the Gospel."

Pastor Penn Clark -

Wellspring Fellowship (Penn Yann, New York) 

"We have had Adam’s Road come to our church twice now and were really blessed each time. Not only are they highly skilled musicians who are enjoyable to listen to, but they shared powerful testimonies of the saving grace of the Lord Jesus in such a clear and compelling way that people would want what they have experienced.

"They told how the Lord was able to reach into their lives and draw them to Himself and gave further evidence that this work was ongoing by the way they regularly exposed their hearts to His word. They not only magnified the Lord Jesus through their testimonies, songs, and interactions with us, but did it in such a gracious way that we wanted them to come back again so that even more people could hear them.

"What struck me each time was that their message was not only useful in helping people come out of Mormonism, but any kind of dead-end religion or life-less legalism that so often silts up the River of Life, preventing us from enjoying our Christianity, as it was intended to be lived. Glad they came and would not hesitate to have them back again and again.” 

Pastor Tim Roten -

Mt. Paddy Church (Jefferson, North Carolina) 

"It is my honor to endorse Adam’s Road. These young men have truly been called and blessed by God. We at Mt Paddy Church look forward to them coming to share their ministry with us and they have an open invitation to come whenever they are in our area.

"I have had many different groups and individuals share with us over the years and there are only a few that we will have return on a regular basis: Adam’s Road is one of those few. They have become part of our family in so many ways. It’s amazing in this day and age to see people - especially young people - so committed to the cause of Christ. I’ve been blessed to have them in my home and to hear their testimonies and to feel their passion for the lost and those being led astray.

"Not only do their lives represent our Lord but their musical and singing abilities are amazingly blessed and anointed by God. So if you are interested in being blessed and inspired I would more than highly recommend you allow these servants of our Lord to be a part of your worship. I promise that you will in no way be disappointed and you will be blessed!"

Pastor Larry Venable -

Freeman Heights Baptist Church (Garland, Texas)

"Adam's Road wants their presentation to be known as a ministry event rather than a concert - and that is right on! The concert part is very, very good but combined with genuine, transparent testimonies it is a powerful ministry experience. For those in attendance without a personal relationship with Jesus there is a clear, unmistakeable call to follow Him. For those trusting in man-made religion there is a dynamic challenge to trust in Jesus alone for righteousness. And for those who know Jesus there is a stirring of hearts to greater faithfulness and witness.

"Our ministry event with Adam's Road was a revival like experience and on a scale of 1 to 10 I give them a 10! I thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship with the servants who make up Adam's Road! The Spirit of this ministry would never cause embarrassment or regret for any pastor who invited Adam's Road to their church family. Truly, it might be the best decision you make!"

Pastor Butch Pursley -

Maranatha Bible Church (Akron, Ohio)

"We had the privilege of hosting Adam¹s Road at our church and it was an incredible blessing for our whole body.  The grace of God was front and center throughout their entire presentation.  They have amazing testimonies of how God has worked in their lives.  Their presentation of the gospel is one of the clearest I have ever heard. Their presentation was done with quality and excellence.  We do not bring many outside groups in to our church, but we will have Adam’s Road again."

Pastor Scott Wilson -

First Baptist Church Melbourne, FL

"Our church was blessed immensely by the authentic and powerful ministry of Adam's Road. These young men shared through music and testimony in both of our morning worship services about how God's grace rescued them from the bondage of the works-based Mormon 'Gospel,' and brought them into a living relationship with the Lord Jesus 'by grace through faith.' As their message centered on salvation by grace, they appealed far beyond those in the LDS church, and reached all those wrestling with the pull of legalism and works-based religion. After hearing their powerful testimonies in the morning, hundreds from our church returned that evening to hear a doctrinal comparison between the LDS faith and orthodox Christianity, and to ask questions in an open forum.

"I believe our church took away several key lessons from our experience with Adam's Road: (1) doctrine is important and we need to know what we believe and why (2) we need to be on our guard against false doctrine as it encroaches on the church and (3) anyone can be reached with the Gospel, and we should never assume that someone in a group like LDS is 'unreachable.' After all, everyone who is saved is saved out of a 'false Gospel' of some kind, and salvation is always a miracle of God's grace. If you want your church to come away strengthened in their understanding of truth and grace, the ministry of Adam's Road is for you!" 

Dr. Steven A. Crane -

Eagle Christian Church (Eagle, Idaho)

"Powerful, truthful, engaging, AND gracious—a rare combination! Adam's Road is a welcomed resource for those of us doing ministry in a largely LDS environment. These young men are uniquely qualified to share the gospel of grace and forgiveness that only comes from knowing the true Jesus. What a privilege to hear through word and song the captivating stories of how each was personally led out of religion and into an authentic relationship with Christ.

"We welcome Adam's Road any time they are in the area, and pray for God's continued blessing on them and their ministry."

Pastor Jack Teeple -

Gateway Chapel (Hicksville, Ohio)

"I have been a senior pastor for 32 years at a total of 3 different churches, and I can easily say that having Adam's Road with us for a night of testimony and music was indeed one of the great highlights that I will always cherish. Their deep love for the Lord and His grace is such an encouragement to all believers to reach out with the gospel to a lost and broken world. I would most heartily recommend Adam's Road to anyone and everyone."

Pastor Mark Black -

Hillcrest Baptist Church (Mishawaka, Indiana)

"The role of pastor of a church is one I take seriously with all of the gravity and weight of 1 Peter 5:1–4, where elders are admonished to Shepherd the flock of God, serving as an overseer.  In that role am concerned for the doctrinal protection of our church.  Therefore, knowing little about this group other than what I read on the internet, with the fear of God in my heart, I invited Adams Road Ministries to come to Hillcrest Baptist Church.  I was trusting that what I had witnessed on YouTube was the true representation of this group.  I was blown away by the truth and reality of their testimonies of salvation in Christ.  These people are doing the work of the evangelist. 

"Our church was blessed in a fresh way so much so that many church members asked when we could have them back again.  Being from a fundamentalist background, I admit that I had concern at first, but not anymore.  These young people love the gospel of Christ and the Christ of the gospel and they are not ashamed to declare it.  May God continue to bless them as they seek His guidance in their ministry. 

"Thank you Adams Road for your faithful preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all who will hear.  We love you and God Bless You!"

Pastor Rich Lanning -

Evangelical Community Church (Cincinnati, Ohio)

"It was a great blessing to have Adam’s Road perform at our church. The joy and love of God shines through them and their music. Their testimonies are powerful, putting the spotlight on God’s grace at work in each of their lives—truly some of the most inspiring “God” stories I have ever heard. Those in attendance were deeply encouraged and renewed in their commitment to follow Christ more courageously. As an outreach event, it was a snap to organize. Adam’s Road is the kind of ministry resource that is tailor made for churches looking for ways to artistically present the gospel in a clear, heartfelt manner."

Pastor Phil Paulsen -

South Hills Church (Kennewick, Washington) 

"I want to personally thank Adam's Road for their willingness to come and share their story with the South Hills Church family. I was so impressed with how clear they were in pointing people to Biblical Christianity. Their spirit in the presentation was so full of the love of Christ and free of any attacks of others.  Their generous attitude toward the audience, giving of themselves and their music as a ministry, was very impressive.

"I just completed the reading of Lynn Wilder’s new book (Unveiling Grace) and felt the Holy Spirit at work in my heart as I read. I would highly recommend the reading of the book before any concert. As I read I felt a closeness to this family’s journey in coming to Christ. I will never look at an LDS family the same. Now as I pass their building near our home I try to pause and pray for them like never before. I know there will be lasting fruit in our church and in our community because of the ministry of Adam’s Road. I would not hesitate in having them again in our church. I recommend them without reservation."

Pastor Ravi Chari -

Calvary Bible Church (Richardson, Texas)

"WOW! Adam's Road entire team is truly passionate about the work of God in their lives. Their testimonies, talents, and fellowship were a blessing and encouragement to everyone. We were surprised and happy when Adam's Road wanted to visit our small church. Every time we expressed this they graciously came back with the reply that they will come even if only a few attended. They live and preach the GRACE of GOD.

"Beautiful music skillfully played, life-changing testimony so earnestly shared from their grateful hearts, and humor made it a memorable evening for all. God's grace, love, rest from our labors, and Christ was simply shared and glorified. Thank you Micah, Matt, Jonathan, Joseph, Katie, Adam's Road team and families."

Pastor Brandon Wallace -

Paul Congregational Church (Paul, Idaho)

 "The Book of Acts proclaims that those filled with the Holy Spirit boldly proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus Christ, even in the face of persecution. Adam's Road is one of the greatest examples of Spirit-filled believers that I have personally encountered. Marked with zeal for evangelism and genuine love for Christ and others, Adam's Road models what it means to truly follow Christ on the path of discipleship - suffering joyfully for the sake of the Gospel. Their testimony at our church was one of the most edifying experiences of the year!"

Pastor Jay McFadden -

Connect Church (Arlington, Texas)

"I was studying in my office a few months back when an email from Adam’s Road Ministry popped up on my screen.  My first thought was that this email was typical of the many others I receive each month from ministries around the globe offering to lead our church in worship. To be honest, I typically read the first few lines of these offers and then delete them.  But something was different about this one. I sensed God prompting me to give their email more consideration.  So, I read the entire email and then followed the link to their website (  As I listened to Micah’s testimony, God began to move in my heart and I began to weep with joy and praise.  Quite frankly, I can’t ever recall responding in such a way after reading an email. I knew then that we were supposed to invite them to Connect Church and I’m so glad we did!  

"As most church leaders know, there is always a risk in letting an individual or group lead in worship at your church. It was obvious from the very first time I spoke with them that the risk would be in not inviting them. What an amazing group of authentic, passionate, humble, and respectful followers of Jesus Christ! Our people are still talking about how they were blessed. Pastor…church leader, get this group on your calendar!"

Pastor Mark Cares - 

Truth in Love Ministry

"The thing that I truly appreciate about Adam’s Road is that they major on the major point; namely, salvation through Christ’s righteousness. It is so easy to get caught up in majoring in minors or in debating Mormonism rather than witnessing Christ. The members of Adam’s Road Band, both in their personal testimonies and also in their songs, keep the focus on Jesus. They powerfully testify both to God’s grace in salvation and the power of his Word.  In other words, from beginning to end, they give all glory to God. I hope their influence reaches far and wide."

Pastor Raymond Viola -

Koinonia Fellowship (East Rochester, New York) 

"We have had Adam’s Road minster at our church the past two years. It has been a joy to have them with us and a real blessing to the congregation. They are a delight to work with, and their ministry is Christ centered and God glorifying. Their songs are all original and filled with Scripture. Their testimonies of the power of God’s grace speaks right to the heart and presents the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ clearly.

"After the service, they ministered to the people who have questions regarding friends or relatives that are currently LDS. Being only 16 miles from Paylmyra, New York, which is the ground zero of Mormonism, it has been a blessing to have these brothers come and share about the regenerating power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in an area that is blinded by the god of this world and false religion."

Pastor Barry Caldwell -

Nampa Free Will Baptist Church (Nampa, Idaho)

"I am truly honored to endorse Adam's Road Ministry.  Through their original music and amazing personal testimonies of our Lord's love, mercy and grace He is using them mightily to spread His Gospel message to change hearts and lives and to bring light into the darkness.  Romans 10:15 'And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!' That is what you'll get with Adam's Road, the Gospel shared with all love and humility.

"We had people in attendance that rarely, if ever, have darkened the door of a bible believing and preaching church, yet they came to see this wonderful ministry and hear the Gospel. This isn't just for the LDS person with questions, it is for everyone, lost, saved, young, and old alike. I found myself challenged and my heart pierced by something Micah said about the love that a Baptist pastor had for the soul of a lost young Mormon missionary set out to convert the world to Mormonism.  My only regret is that our church isn't larger so we could accommodate more people to be blessed by Adam's Roads message of the saving grace of Jesus. 

"Don't just take the word of this old preacher; pray and then go to their website and watch their testimonies. I'm fully confident you will be booking them soon. You can't go wrong booking Adam's Road Ministry to minister at your church."

Rev. Joey Brummett -

First Church of the Nazarene (Ft. Myers, Florida)

"It is a pleasure to recommend the Christian band "Adam's Road" to churches, conferences, and groups everywhere. The band is a group of dedicated Christians that exalt Jesus Christ through their testimonies, their music, and their lifestyle. Members of the band were converted from the LDS faith and share the joy of finding Christ as Savior and their music represents their love for scripture and their commitment to Christ. We have had them in concert on two different occasions and their testimonies and music have been a blessing to our church family. God is blessing their ministry and their unapologetic testimonies of personal faith and commitment to Jesus Christ."

 Pastor Jim Remington -

Calvary Chapel of Queen Creek, Arizona

 “Adam’s Road is made up of real guys with a real mission: reach people for Christ. I would highly recommend these guys for your ministry purposes. The Holy Spirit definitely used them in a mighty way here at our fellowship in Queen Creek, AZ. They did a great job before and after their time of ministry, making sure that they didn’t overstep any boundaries. They came in humble, willing to serve and left humble, willing to return. Our flock was truly blessed by their testimonies and we look forward to having them back again in the future! May the Lord continue to use more young people in this way!!!”

Pastor Mike Hamrick -

Sand Spring Baptist Church (Lawrenceburg, Kentucky) 

"Our church was blessed to host Adam’s Road in concert earlier this year. I heard about the group from some of our members who attended one of their concerts while vacationing in Florida. I am so thankful that I listened to the advice of this family and invited Adam’s Road to come to Sand Spring. They played a few songs for us during both of our morning services and then presented a full concert on Sunday night.  Sand Spring is a large traditional Baptist church. Our people really enjoyed the music of Adam’s Road. All of the songs are based on Scripture and are presented in a very worshipful way.  

"Each member of the group has a powerful testimony about how they came to know Christ. They do a great job presenting God’s simple plan of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus.  

"I was definitely impressed by the talent of these young men but I was even more impressed by their attitude and genuine love for the Lord.  They are all very humble and have a desire to witness for Christ. They were willing to come to my house and sing and share their testimonies with some of my daughter’s lost friends who were invited to come meet the group.  

"One of the blessings of hearing Adam’s Road in concert is that everyone who attends receives a free CD (signed by the group if you desire). I have already told the group that we can’t wait to have them back next year."

Rev. Leo T. Galletta, Jr.-

Penn Yan Bible Church (Penn Yan, New York)

"Our church has been blessed to have had Adam’s Road present their ministry four times since 2007.  At first I wasn’t sure what to expect from a group of converted former Mormons. I read the lyrics to their songs and listened carefully to their testimonies and I was once again amazed by the power of the Gospel to change hearts and lives. Their ministry is a powerful display of God’s grace and power through the Word of God. Their music is an acoustic-centered blend with rich harmonies that provide a fitting vehicle for the lyrics that proclaim their personal faith and devotion to the Lord. 

"They have blessed me, our church, and our community and I would encourage anyone to support these young men in their work to share how God has saved them from the bondage of false religion and made them new creatures in Christ."

Pastor Terry Long -

Calvary Chapel of Salt Lake City (SLC, Utah)

“The band/ministry of Adam's Road has been a huge blessing to us here at Calvary Chapel of Salt Lake City. Their passion for those in the LDS church and clear testimony has always been the highlight of all the events we have had them at. I could not recommend this group of believers higher. We will look forward to the next time we have the opportunity to minister together."

Pastor Todd Shoemaker -

North Annville Bible Church (Annville, Pennsylvania)

"What a great joy to have the ministry of Adam’s Road at our church recently. To hear how the power of the Gospel transformed the lives of this group was truly a blessing. Their testimony through spoken word and song brought us to the throne of grace in God-honoring worship. Their ministry is all about Jesus. I appreciated the groups desire to not bring any glory upon themselves but to reflect it all back to their Savior, Jesus Christ.

"You will not be disappointed in having them lead in your worship service. Their music is awesome as they sing clear truth from Scripture. Their passion is evident as they bring for the transforming power of the Gospel. Our people were greatly encouraged in their faith to live boldly for Jesus. To God be the glory."

John A. Grimsted -

Eagle United Methodist Church (Eagle, Idaho) 

"Our church was blessed to host Adam's Road. Their message was a grace-filled witness to the truth of the Bible and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through song, but especially through testimony, they gave a message of salvation that all could appreciate. It was evident that these young men had been transformed by encountering Jesus Christ.

"We live in an area that is almost 20% Mormon and their heartfelt sharing about coming out of the LDS church was much appreciated. The response of our congregation was extremely positive. I heartily recommend Adams Road. We would love to have them return to our church."

Pastor Jim Catlin -

Main Street Church of Brigham City, UT

"The guys that comprise Adam's Road have a powerful story to tell! While deeply committed to the LDS church, their minds and their hearts were unexpectedly liberated by the cutting edge of the Word of God. One by one the Holy Spirit drew them to discover the true Jesus and to fall in love with Him. And what was the 'anti-Mormon' literature that started it all? The Bible. You must hear this story! Like us, you will fall in love with them and even more in love with the God whose grace effected their rescue."

Russ East -

Utah Partnerships For Christ

"Adam's Road has been a tremendous ministry to so many people...I watch how people young and old are encouraged by the testimony of this band. I recommend Adam's Road for your Church, Christian School, Camp, or any where you want to see the name of Jesus Christ lifted up."

Bill McKeever -

Mormon Research Ministry and Author of "Mormonism 101"

“Without hesitation I recommend the ministry of Adam's Road. This group of young men have an incredible testimony of how God brought them out of darkness and into His marvelous light. The lyrics to their songs express a high devotion to our Lord and heartfelt compassion for the lost.”

Latayne C. Scott -

Author, "The Mormon Mirage"

"Inspiring music, inspiring stories, inspiring young men -- examples of personal courage and using their gifts to glorify God."

Sandra Tanner -

Utah Lighthouse Ministry

"As a former Mormon I have been greatly blessed and encouraged by Adam's Road Band, their music and their testimony of choosing Christ over Mormonism. I highly recommend their ministry."

Rauni Higley -

H.I.S. Ministries International

"These young men are former LDS missionaries and now born-again Christians. Their stories are unique and a powerful witness and their music and songs will encourage all Christians to become bold witnesses for the Lord Jesus of the Bible."

Tracy Tennant -

Equipping Christians Ministries

"Adam’s Road Band is truly an inspiration! Their music is based on Biblical truths about God, salvation, grace, and what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Each member of the group has a powerful testimony of being delivered from the bondage of “religion” and set free by the redeeming power of Christ’s atoning blood. Adam’s Road Band is a breath of fresh air to anyone who is or ever has been spiritually stalled by legalistic perversions of God’s Law. The ministry, music, and testimonies of these wonderful young men are evidences that God can miraculously redeem the lost, even those who are trapped in false religious systems."

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