Tour 2013: September 30th-October 7th


We had reached the final week of our Southwest tour and we tried to remember to be focused and dedicated till the end. We missed our wives, kids, and the stability of staying in one place but we knew that God wanted us where we were and He wanted them where they are so we were content with whatever God had planned. We were excited to go to the Lonestar State because we had been there before in previous years and wanted to see what God was going to do next.

Tour 2013: September 23rd-September 29th


We decided to leave Sunday night so we could get out of the city in the cover of the night to avoid morning traffic and overheating the bus driving over the hills in the afternoon sun. We left Mr. Mike and Lynn in California because of a speaking engagement they had with a women’s meeting Monday night, but planned to meet back up with them in Arizona. We drove for a few hours before we stopped for the night at a rest stop. We drove all Monday morning and arrived in the afternoon at the Desert’s Edge RV Park in Arizona. We were surprised to hear that Mr. Mike had some health complications and was having some blood tests run and even needed to see an Urologist so we just prayed for them and trusted in God’s sovereignty as to when we would reunite on the road.

Tour 2013: September 16th- September 22nd


This tour we have been watching a lot of “Everybody Loves Raymond” and I don’t know if you that are reading this watch it or have watched it before but man, that’s a great show! The first western tour we did earlier this year we watched all of the Big Bang Theory season we have and that’s a great show too. Ok, so onto the more important things.

Tour 2013: September 9th-September 15th


The weather was beautiful, warm with a cool breeze with just a little humidity. It was like Florida in the early spring when the humidity drops and the temperature was perfect. We left the RV park and headed off to L.A. Right as we were leaving we accidentally tweaked the tow bar and had to drive the van separately from the bus. We must have passed by a military base or something because on the way we saw multiple military choppers fly overhead. Joseph was driving the van with Stefan and when he saw his favorite kind of helicopter, a Chinook, he almost crashed he was so excited! It was awesome.

Tour 2013: September 5th-September 8th


After spending six weeks in the Northwest we had a few weeks before our second tour and enjoyed spending time with our families in Florida. We thank God for the time with our loved ones and prepared for our second trip. We started on our way to New Mexico and instead of going north through Georgia and St. Louis and then heading west we took the road-less-traveled-by-us through Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas. In the past we have gone on an eastern and a western tour but this year we felt like God wanted us to focus all our time on the west and spend both tours there. We continued tradition by eating at a Flying J Denny’s for the first night of tour. We were blessed to have Mike and Lynn Wilder (Matt and Micah’s parents) on the road with us again but this was the first tour that Micah’s son Jacob didn’t come on since we started touring in 2008. He was so excited to stay home and start school with the other kids.

Tour 2013: July 29th-August 1st


The End

 We try not to dwell on all the things we miss from our Florida home or let ourselves get excited and pumped up to going back until we are packed up and heading home after the very last concert. In our missionary days we called it getting “trunky” when we were living out of our trunks and not focusing on where we were and the people we were meeting. We try to focus and give 100% to every person and every place we are for Jesus.

Tour 2013: July 22nd-July 28th



The “Mini-me Marathon” continues. This was our first time in Oregon and it was strange to us how the landscape looked just like Idaho. They said the region of Eastern Oregon was called “high desert” and though we dropped down in elevation from Idaho it was still pretty high.

The first stop was at Living Word Christian Center. A large group of people from the church met us there and helped us unload and get things ready for the concert. They were very accommodating and we thank God for the instant love and support we felt from this part of the Body. It was a very charismatic church so they were very engaging and interactive as we sang songs and shared testimonies. During the concert there was a spider crawling toward Micah’s feet and then it disappeared during Joseph’s testimony. It looked like a Wolf Spider (non-venomous) but we made a joke about it being a “Spider-handling” church. They took us to a restaurant for dinner and even reserved a hotel room nearby so we could take showers (maybe they smelt us as we got off the bus and figured we needed it ha ha).

Tour 2013: July 15th-July 21st


After giving it all we had for the final push through Marathon Week we needed to recharge and God gave us two days off of singing and playing shows. We pulled in to Hi Valley RV Park and caught up on laundry, emails, bus cleaning, grocery shopping, and showers. It was reminiscent of when we were missionaries for the Mormon Church and had one day off each week. Even though on “P-day” (Preparation Day) as a missionary you took a break from proselyting activities it was the only day to do laundry, cleaning, write emails and letters home to family, grocery shopping, and play sports so it could still be a hectic, busy day. So it was for us the first of those days but that night we went to a movie: Pacific Rim. If you are like Joseph and love movies with mindless action and tons of explosions and insane special effects, then you will love this movie. If you are like the rest of us and like awesome action movies but appreciate it when the action is coupled with a good story-line, and good character development, you will also love this movie because it has all of the above. Gargantuan 2-man-controlled robots fighting gigantic monsters! Awesome! The second day was more laid-back and we also got to fellowship at a newly-met friend’s house for dinner. When we played at the District Coffee House the previous weekend we met a young couple who invited us to hang out on one of our days off. We talked, and fellowshipped, and ate Supreme Lasagna. It was like Supreme pizza with olives, peppers, and onions but also had salami slices along with sausage and the regular ingredients of lasagna, it was insane! Matt had like four pieces but they were so large that most of the rest of us could only have two or three. We were asked lots of questions on Mormonism and helped equip our siblings in Christ for witnessing to the many Mormon people around them.  

Mini-me Marathon

Tour 2013: July 8th-14th


Continuing the Marathon Week of shows (11 shows in 10 days) we are being strengthened by Christ Jesus living in us and working through us. On our way to Chubbuck, Monday afternoon, we came upon a crash on I-15 that couldn’t have happened a minute before. There was dust in the air and we saw two vehicles that had evidently rolled over into the median. Many people had stopped and were doing what they could to help. There was a sedan that was the first to have crashed because another vehicle had come into her lane and caused her to swerve into the median (which had a steep dip) and rolled over. She had a wound on her head and a few of us brought paper towels to help stop the bleeding and wait until the ambulance would arrive. Joseph didn’t join us out there because one look of the squirting blood from her head would have put him on the ground waiting for an ambulance to take him away. The second vehicle had swerved and rolled also due to the slowing of traffic from the first accident. We left as some cops and an ambulance arrived and the next day actually saw the accidents on the front page of the Idaho State Journal newspaper. We are praying that they are okay.

Tour 2013: July 1st-7th


We left Utah late Sunday night and drove for a few hours until we stopped at a rest stop in Idaho. It wasn’t a long drive the next morning to Grace Lutheran Church in Pocatello. As we hauled equipment into the building we could see a pillar of smoke rising on a hillside not too far away. We thought that either Moses was back with the Ark of the Covenant led by a pillar of fire or there was a brushfire. 

Tour 2013: June 19th-30th


And so begins the Adam’s Road Northwestern Tour 2013! After a long drive across the country stopping at Flying J’s and rest stops we arrived in Colorado for the first time ever! What surprised us most was that it looked pretty much like Kansas and Wyoming that we had driven through. We were near Denver so it was farmlands and blue skies with just a hint of the Rockies in the distance covered in mist. We were thinking to ourselves that John Denver was full of it because we thought the Rocky Mountains would be a little rockier. But kidding aside it was beautiful.

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